What is a Labitat™? A key component of the Small Fry to Go© (SFtG) program is an outdoor classroom called a Labitat. Labitat gets its name because it is both Laboratory and Habitat. It is not a home aquarium! It is a customized miniature trout hatchery that has been engineered with the assistance of husbandry experts and scientists from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, University of Georgia’s Cohutta Hatchery (Warnell School of Forestry and Fisheries), Georgia Aquarium, Trout Lodge and Fernbank Science Center. The Labitat is a proven system that features the commercial-grade components necessary to successfully raise trout, catfish

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and striped bass. Experts will tell you that if you can successfully raise trout you can raise most any organism. Nowhere in the country are students and their parents nurturing fry and

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experiencing STEM activities on the SFtG scale! Small Fry to Go Labitats have successfully nurtured over 380,000 fry since 2003. Eighteen schools with tens of thousands of students, teachers and their parents keep the Labitats running with clean, tested and chilled water. They are responsible for maintaining the life-support systems, feeding and nurturing fry and LEARNING. EVERYONE LEARNS! Labitat components necessary for this proven laboratory/habitat system include:

  • Scientific, research laboratory-certified, flow-through chiller capable of maintaining 50-65° temperatures
  • Inline UV sterilization unit
  • Twelve gallon per minute magnetic drive water pump
  • Commercial aeration system (customized)
  • 200 gallon bio-filtration system
  • Custom-build, fiberglass insulated raceway trough
  • Commercial egg-roller system (upwelling jar) to successfully hatch eggs
  • Customized Labitat frame to protect the components and students who use the outdoor classrooms
  • Dissolved Oxygen meter and water testing kits (replenished twice yearly)
  • All components
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    both indoor and outdoor certified

  • Labitat with Optional Roof